Thursday, August 28, 2008

We want pro-people industrialisation

India is a country with agrarian economy.
Most of the people are employed in agricultural sector.
So if we have to turn our beloved motherland into a modern progressive egalitarian state we have to embark on a mission of pro-people, labour intensive , nature friendly path of industrialisation .
We can not blindly follow the model of western capitalist states where industrialisation has taken place by setting up of large scale industries.
This experiment has failed in our country in the 50s' and 60s' even with full government backing.
We have to follow the path of Mao's china not the path of World Bank,WTO and IMF.

What is that path?

At first we need sweeping real land reforms.
Not the fake so-called reforms of West Bengal.
All the land should go to the tillers.
Like what Comrade Lenin had instructed.

In this way the feudal land relation will cease to exist.
The parasitic extra economic coercion of Feudalism will come to an end.
The share croppers will no longer be bound to give 25% or 50% of their produce to the landlord.
The agricultural workers will no longer be bound to act as bonded or semi-bonded labourers.

This will increase the surplus value generated by the peasants and the agricultural workers.
This will become surplus capital.
This surplus capital will then be either reinvested into agriculture itself or get invested into agro-based industries like manufacturing of power tillers, pump sets, fertilizers, seed, insecticides etc.
Due to increased capital in the hands of the farmers there will be a ready market for these goods. More mechanisation will come into agriculture and production will increase.
As people will have more money they will be able to arrange good education for their children and thus the whole living standard of the community and the society will be raised.
More money in the hands of peasants and other labouring people will increase the purchasing capacity of the population. This will help to create market for non agro based small and medium sized industry including consumer goods industry.

In this way we can create a people friendly humane form of industrialisation as opposed to the jobless ,ruthless, anti people imperialist industrialisation.

However it is doubtful whether the imperialist , feudal lords and the comprador bourgeoisie will allow us to accomplish our goal within this exploitative semi feudal, semi colonial society.
So, the only way forward is to establish the rule of the people by making the New Democratic Revolution victorious through the path of protracted people's war.


Anonymous said...

@ blog owner

Well who ever you are, you certainly need to educate yourself about the basics of economics and finance. You desperately need that.
And also if I may add on history and demographics.

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kire baler dreamer, kemon industrialization hocche tor didr rajatwe?