Saturday, August 16, 2008

Survey and Campaign by FAMA

Forum Against Monopoly aggression ( FAMA) is a platform of organisations and individuals fighting against the infiltration of large corporate capital in retail business.
FAMA has been carrying out campaign and consolidation activities for the past few months which included Conventions, street corner meetings, postering and leafleting.
As a part of this ongoing movement FAMA organised a survey among the shopkeepers and small businessmen in the Baghajatin area in the southern suburbs of Kolkata.
Members of several democratic mass organisations of the area took part in this survey. There was a sizable participation from students of Jadavpur University.

Recently there has been a trend of big, glossy shopping malls springing up in this neighbourhood.There are already a few malls like the Big Bazaar and food mall. There are plans of several other malls to be built in the future.
The survey included questions relating to the impact of these shopping malls on the livelihood of the common shopkeepers and small businessmen. The response was overwhelming. Several shopkeepers vented their shimmering anger against these corporate sharks who are bent on destroying their businesses. They have quite well understood the dangers that these huge trans-national corporations pose to them.
Many said that they are ready to take to the streets if any organisation stands by them and gives leadership.

FAMA will continue to carry out this survey and other campaign activities in differnet parts of the city and the suburban areas in the future. Another such survey will take place about a week from now.

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