Tuesday, February 26, 2008

P. Govindan Kutty released

Mr. P. Govindan Kutty , the editor of People's March magazine, who was arrested about a month back in Kerala ,was released yesterday.
It took a lot of campaigning and a long strenuous hunger strike by him to force the state to release him from his totally unfair imprisonment.
Following is a statement issued by him after his release.

I was released from prison today around noon. I thank the print and mass media in extending their support for my struggle in prison. I thank the civil and democratic rights organisations, Kerala Working Journalists Union, Advocates P.A. Pauran, Madhusudan in extending legal assistance, Arundhati Roy, Girish Karnad, Maheshwata Devi in espousing my cause. People's March publication will be resumed as early as possible.

Normally police seize only the hard disks of any computer. In My case they seized the whole C.P.U., Monitor, Key Board, Mouse, Speakers everything. I have to buy everything as the seized items will be returned only after the closure of the case by court. Normally police seize only the SIM card. In my case police seized the mobile instrument itself. That means I have to spend money for a computer and mobile. The owners of the printing press which prints People's March were threatened by police. They refuse to print People's March.

These are the problems before the People's March. Even though People's March is a Registered Newspaper registered under the Registrar of Newspapers for India.Liberal financial assistance is the need of the hour to resume People's March publication.
-P. Govindan Kutty, Editor, People's March