Sunday, November 25, 2007

Students of Kolkata protest again

The following statement has been issued by USDF:-

Students in Protest again on 3rd December.....

United Students Democratic Front(a students co-ordination front comprising of
students from Jadavpur University,Presidency College,Asutosh College,Bidhan Nagar
College,Scottish Church College and many other insts.)is going to arrange a political
and cultural convention on 3rd December,2007,Monday from 11 am
to 9 pm,at"Onoshon Mancha" at Metro Channel.

The day long convention will comprise of:

1.A Panel Discussion with the following speakers:

i]Prof. Sumit Sarkar
ii]Prof. Tanika Sarkar
iii]Mr. Bibhas Chakrabarty
iv]Mr.Nabarun Bhattacharyaya
v] Mr.Arunava Ghosh
vi]Prof.Amit Bhattacharyaya
vii]Prof.Avi Datta Majumder
viii]Mr.Goutam Bhadra

Topic of Panel Discussion: Samrajyobad,Biswayon o SEZ birodhi protirodh
andoloner notun nam:Nandigram

2.A Cultural Programme with following artists:

i] Pallab Kirtonia
ii] Ganabishan
iii]Protul Mukherjee

3. Speeches on Nandigram Movement from eminent intellectuals,professors &
personalities like:

i]Ms.Medha Patekar
ii]Mr.Joy Goswami
iii]Ms.Saoli Mitra
iv]Mr.Sanatan Dinda
v]Dr.Siddhatha Gupta
vi]Prof.Sabyasachi Deb
vii]Ms.Sohini Halder
viii]Ms.Bolan Gangopadhyay
ix] Mr.Sameer Aich
x] Prof.Manas Joardar

and many others.......

4.Speeches from students of Presidency,JU,Asutosh clg,Bidhan nagar Clg,Scottish Church Clg,and many other institutions.

5.Student speakers from different organisations like:

ii] AISA
iii]Chatro Andolon Prostuti
viii]Chatro Chatri Sanhati Mancha

6.Poster Exhibition by Srijan Sen and others.

7.Street Theatre.

8. Relief Collection in cash ,medicine,food,garments for Nandigram Victims.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

CPM barbarism

For the last few days CPM criminals armed with automatic rifles taken from the police have been creating mayhem in Nandigram. They have captured villages after villages. They have burnt hundred of houses belonging to the common people who dared to stand up against the oppressive regime of CPM.
They have not even spared the domestic animals.Either burning them or shooting them.
The pinnacle of terror came on 10th November when murderers of CPM fired upon a totally unarmed procession of about 20,000 people killing scores and injuring hundreds.
Several people are still missing. Not stopping at this they took about 500 people hostage and kept them under detention in Khejuri for the whole night.
Then next morning they used those kidnapped people as human shield and captured village after village.
This is Barbarism of CPM at its worst. Following is a newspaper report.

NANDIGRAM, Nov. 11: The day Bengal celebrated Brother’s Day when sisters wished long life to their brothers through an elaborate ritual, Dipen Mondal of Gangra village, Nandigram, had to frantically search for his elder sister in the paddy fields and then rush her to the hospital when he found her lying unconscious with bullet wounds in her leg near Maheshpur Kamarpara this morning.
Even when Dipen didn’t know whether life had already ebbed away from his sister, Kalpana, he considered himself lucky as many others in Nandigram scoured the paddy fields in vain in search of their missing relatives. For the past few days Dipen had been using the cover of darkness to look for his sister. He was so desperate this morning that he continued his search even in daylight and succeeded in tracing Kalpana in the morning. Immediately, he got hold of a cycle van and pedaled her away to Nandigram Hospital where she responded to treatment. Her condition was later stated to be stable.
After the CPI-M launched its offensive in a bid to recapture Nandigram villages, supporters of Bhumi Ucched Protirodh Committee (BUPC) began a hunt for their relatives who went missing in the aftermath of the fresh cycle of violence.
“The number of missing people is going up. A total of 350 persons can’t be traced after CPI-M cadres fired bullets at our rally near Maheshpur Bazar yesterday. Again, those who were driven out of their homes in the past four days have to go without food and shelter,” said Sheikh Sufiyan, a senior BUPC member.
He said the CPI-M allowed only 11 persons of Gokulnagar, Sonachura and Southkhali villages to return home during the day. But these villagers narrated tales of brutal torture by CPI-M cadres at a primary school near Khejuri where they had been kept.
Relatives of Mr Goutam Pradhan, a resident of Sonachura who went missing after the firing, had no idea about his whereabouts till late this evening. They fear CPI-M cadres have dumped Goutam’s body elsewhere.
Relatives of Mr Abhimanyu Patra, a BUPC supporter, ran from pillar to post today to trace him, but failed in their efforts. BUPC members informed them he was last seen at Maheshpore Bazar yesterday afternoon.
“We ran for our lives after the firing began. Abhimanyu fell to the ground after a bullet struck him in the leg. We couldn’t find him since then,” said a BUPC supporter of Sonachura.
Mrs Shibani Mondal, a housewife from Gokulnagar, said she had been abducted and later kept at Amtala primary school at Khejuri along with nearly 100 BUPC supporters who were beaten up by CPI-M men for participating in a BUPC rally.
So much for the CPI-M’s efforts to help their supporters return home and exhort them “not to take revenge through retaliatory strikes, but cohabit with their adversaries.