Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Lie By CPM Exposed

When the CPM led Left Govt. of West Bengal forcibly evicted the peasantsof Singur through brutal state repression they gave a false assurance that at least one person from each family, who have lost their land, will get a job in the Tata motors factory that is to be set up in the land that the West Bengal Govt. has forcibly grabbed from the peasants.
They even started a so-called training programme for the unemployed youth of singur in four ITIs near singur.
Although most of the peasants of Singur did not fall in this trap laid by the CPM and continued their heroic resistance against this illegal and immoral land grab.But some of young lads of Singur were carried away by the blatant lies of CPM that all landless peasants will surely get a job, and they joined the training programme.
But now , a few days back Nirupam Sen, the industry minister of West Bengal has announced a package for singur peasants where he has said that among the unemployed youth who are receiving the training,only those who "QUALIFY" will get a job.
This is an extremely ambiguous comment as he has not set any bench mark for his so-called qualification.
This is nothing but a total back track maneuver from the earlier Govt. stand that each and everybody receiving training will get a job.
Students receiving the training have come to know that only those students getting more than 90% marks at the end of the training will get a job.
I wonder that whether there is any training programme in the whole world, where the pass marks is 90%
This clearly proves that the CPM govt. at that time lied to the people of singur to mislead them and grab their land.
This is the real face of the Pseudo-leftist anti-people regime of CPM , which based on blatant Lies, utter hypocrisy and limitless terror.

But the students are not taking this lying low.
450 students taking this training have started an indefinite boycott of classes demanding that the Govt. should give them a written assurance that every person receiving this training should be guaranteed a job in the factory.
But the response from the govt. has been cold so far, to say the least.
The students of the four ITI s have threatened further intensification of their movement if the govt. does not meet their demands.

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