Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Peoples' Tribunal on Nandigram

Peoples' Tribunal on Nandigram

28 May, Kolkata

In its interim report, the independent People's
Tribunal on Nandigram has recommended, among other
measures, the setting up of special Human Rights
Courts to ensure speedy justice in all cases of human
rights violations in Nandigram and adjoining areas.

The Tribunal, organized by the All India Citizens
Initiative, heard depositions from victims, witnesses,
social activists, intellectuals, doctors, human rights
groups and other concerned organisations here today.
The hearings were held in both Nandigram and Kolkata
from 26-28 May and headed by Justice S.N.Bhargava,
former Chief Justice of the Sikkim High Court.

Tribunal members, which included Pravash Joshi
(Editorial Advisor, Jansatta), Lalita Ramdas ( Social
Activist), John Dayal (Member, National Integration
Council) and Jyotirmoy Samajder (Psychiatrist),
visited the site of police firing and other places in
the Nandigram area relevant to understanding the
circumstances and nature of the violence.

Meanwhile Mr Anup Agarwal, the District Magistrate of
Midnapur (East) issued a letter to the organizers of
the Tribunal asking under what 'law of the land' such
a Tribunal was being organized. The All India
Citizen's Initiative in its reply said that the
Tribunal had been organized under Article 51 of the
Constitution, which calls upon every citizen of India
" to promote harmony and spirit of brotherhood amongst
all the people of India transcending religious,
linguistic, regional and social diversities". It must
be mentioned here that all concerned official agencies
were informed of the Tribunal and requested to depose
before it but none of them turned up.


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