Monday, April 16, 2007

Sick educational system of West Bengal

Inspite of the big claims made by the pseudo-leftist Left front govt. of West Bengal, it has been proved in a recent survey that the elementary educational system of Bengal is one of the worst in India.
Government of India (MHRD, Department of School Education and Literacy) and National University for Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) er educational development index er basis e report :

1. The five “worst ranking” states on a composite primary and upper primary (together known as elementary) are Bihar (35), Jharkhand (34), Assam (33), Uttar Pradesh (32), Arunachal Pradesh (31) and West Bengal (30).

2. The situation in Rajasthan (51.74), Jharkhand (59.38), West Bengal (58.26) and Uttarakhand (52.31) are alarming with less than 60 percent children completing the primary cycle

3. The net enrolement ratio at the primary level is 82.76 - with almost 17% children in the 6-11 age group not enrolled in school!

4. In 17 of the districts enrolment in classes 1 to 5 declines over the last year.

5. Only 46.14 percent of boys and 44.70 per cent of girls passes the class 4 examination with more than 60 percent marks.

6. In the academic year 2003-04, 79 percent of the children who completed class 4 were able to enrol in class 5 (upper primary school).

7. Only 33.11 per cent of teachers reported that they got any in-service training.

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