Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SFI,Wiped out in college polls

Today SFI, the student's wing of CPM, a social fascist, terrorist party in west bengal province of India was decisively defeated in the election to the Arts Faculty student's union(AFSU) in Jadavpur University in kolkata. They lost all the four portfolio seats to FAS(Forum for Arts Students) a newly formed organisation.
Jadavpur University is one of the most prominent and prestigious universities in India. Not only because of it's academic excellence but also the history of glorious student's struggle right from the 50's and 60's. It was the storm centre of the naxalite movement of the 70's.
However SFI, a criminal organisation dominated by lumpens and thugs have been holding the arts faculty union for the past 8 years by using different fair and unfair tactics. But the students have now made it quite clear that they will not tolerate this tactics of intimidation to continue anymore. They will not allow their beloved university and its honour be trampled by the pseudo-leftist,criminals.
This election mandate also reflects the growing disdain that is prevailing among the students and youth of west bengal about the bourgeois policy of the West Bengal government to grab the land of poor peasants and give it to the profit monger MNCs to satisfy their ugly hunger.
SFI had made this so-called pseudo-industrialisation an issue and has got a slap from the student community. The students of Jadavpur University have categorically rejected the anti-people economic policy of the CPM(Left front) govt. and their politics of terrorism , mass murder and mass rape.

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gargi said...

who the hell are you to use such words against one of the most democratic associations in india....or rather the world i must say......and you call ppl thugssss??????

mind your own bloody busyness...and when you have had enough of fucking around.....try to learn something real about politics,,,,,.., you really need to learn some speak first and then be allowed to voice opinions....

for the time being......
just fuck yourself for the best satisfaction.....