Monday, March 12, 2007

Murdurous Industrialisation claims another life

After Tapashi Malik(who was raped and burnt alive) and Rajkumar Bhol, Singur saw the third victim of the terrorist campaign that Buddhadev Bhattacharya and his fascist regime has unleashed in Singur. A peasant opposing the forcible land acquisation in Singur for the Tata Motor factory committed suicide out of dispair last night.

Following is a news paper report of the incident:-

A farmer, whose land was acquired by the West Bengal government for setting up the Tata Motors' small car project, allegedly committed suicide by consuming pesticide on Monday.
Police said Haradhan Bag (62) was found dead by his family members at his house at Beraberi Purbapara area of Singur.
The farmer, whose one-acre land had been fenced off for the small car plant, had refused money as compensation for his agricultural land.
A strong supporter of 'Krishi Jami Raksha' (save farmland) committee, Haradhan had also undertaken hungerstrike to protest the acquisition of agricultural land for setting up industries.
He had 18 cottahs of land left with him after a major chunk was fenced off for the Tata Motors' car factory.
A spokesman of the 'Save Farmland Committee' said many farmers who lost their land during the acquisition drive were suffering from depression and Haradhan was one of them.
Police claimed that Haradhan's death was a fallout of family dispute and it had no link with land acquisition.
Haradhan is survived by wife and two sons.

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