Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The fear lingers in Nandigram

The people of Nandigram are still living under the shadow of CPM terror.
The are apprehending a new attack by the fascist CPM goons at any moment.
Following is an account published in a leading Kolkata newspaper.

Cops depart but trauma remains

NANDIGRAM, March 20: Simmering tensions and anxiety engulfed people from trouble-torn areas in Nandigram although the state government officially declared that no land will be acquired here for industrialisation. Many people are still missing and many others are homeless.
As lives limped back to a semblance of normalcy, police moved out today from two camps, to the relief of villagers. Police camps at Sonachura and Gokulnagar were removed to Bhangbhera and Tekhali in Khejuri on the other side of Talpati canal. About 1,000 policemen were deployed at Sonachura and Gokulnagar camps after the mayhem on 14 March. Thanks to CBI scare, CPI-M cadres left Sonachura and Gokulnagar and the villagers could return back to their homes in these areas.
Since then policemen had to bear the brunt of curses and abuses of villagers. Mrs Suhasini Mondal, mother of late Pushpendu who died in the 14 March carnage, said: “The protectors of law have turned into murderers. Don’t police have children at their homes?”
Trinamul leader Mr Shubendu Adhikari addressed meetings at Maheshpur and Sonachura today. He said: “I feel sorry for the victims of the carnage on 14 March but our movement does not end at a declaration of state government only. The CPI-M cadres and policemen who committed this heinous crime must be punished.”
Leaders of Bhumi Uchhed Protirodh Committee are now preparing a list of missing people who are feared dead already. As per the list, 25 people from Sonachura and 37 from Gokulnagar area are missing while similar reports of other villagers in the trouble-torn areas are yet to be completed. Many people were seen searching from their relatives and asking leaders if they know their whereabouts. Mrs Shankari Das thanked God when she found her 11-year-old daughter Deepa, who ran six miles to escape killers’ clutches, safe. Others may not have been as lucky, villagers said.
The other side of Talpati canal, Khejuri, has been deserted by CPI-M cadres following the raid of CBI at Majanani brick kiln to arrest 10 people with arms who were allegedly CPI-M cadres. However, protesters of Nandigram believes that once the CBI team completes its job here and leaves the area, the CPI-M would certainly inflict a fresh round of attacks. The Bharat Sevashram Sangha has been offering meals to 1,000 homeless and penniless villagers at Sonachura relief camp over the last three days.
The officer-in-charge of Nandigram police station, Mr Sekhar Roy, was today replaced by the district police administration and Mr Partha Sanyal, the officer-in-charge of Mahishadal police station, was appointed in his place. Mr Sanyal will take charge tomorrow. According to a senior district police officer, Mr Roy had applied for leave to go on a training. “He wanted to go for training for higher ranks and the leave was granted today,” said the officer. Meanwhile, state women commission chairperson, Ms Jasodhara Bagchi visited the Tamluk Sadar Hospital and Nandigram Block Hospital today and spoke with the injured victims of the violence that took place at Nandigram on 14 March. She, however, declined to comment saying it would be improper as a CBI probe was on.

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Congragulations for you great effort in this site .It is a great start.I am a Maoist thinker and support your cause.Your site has raised significan debates in the movememt.My heartiest support tpo the Singur Cause and Nandigram in the 40th anniversary yaer of Naxalbari struggle.